A Child?

We needs must love, as love must love our needs,
Yearning as we do a child's grace.
Now love is found, it drives us to new deeds,
The house expectantly awaits.

Nature's dice are cast upon a speck,
As ancient empires melt and realign.
A fatal card game played with two half decks,
A mortal body's bet against deep time.

But hoped-for wonders sink in dark eclipse,
Before their light has shined a single day.
The best that heartless science can predict,
Is we are lost to make new life that way.

As so in grief and hope we seek new lands,
That hold a childhood locked behind a gate.
With paperwork sealed with loving hands,
Two governments negotiate our fate.

A breathless year of waiting for our plan,
Then in she walks, a smile upon her face.
With gleeful boldness she hands to me a lamb,
The afternoon is spent in play and chase.


© 2013 Gavin Miller. All rights reserved.