A Rose


(To be paired with "The Rose")

Gavin Miller

3rd January 2014.


The river of my love so swiftly flows,

It's dizzy slope

And gentle roar,

Implore me to succumb to hope,

And send to you this rose.


Do not curse me,

Who should be so bold,

Or to a growing friendship,

Now turn cold.


It is your beauty

That prompts me so,

To sing your praises,

Even as I hazard "No!"


Your snow-white cheeks

Might warm and calm

The heart that beats,

Of one who seeks.


Your elfin waist,

Would make

The hourglass

Slow its pace.


And your slender wrists

Should make

The willow weep

That longs for trysts.


Oh, how I love your hair!

And yet I fear

That you might anger,

If I pause to stare.


Your coal-black eyes

Might quake

The mountains deep,

If they despise.


And your sweet lips' sneer

Could cause their

Cherried snare

To disappear.


And so,

Since I despair,

Help me understand

Your ice and fire.


Take pity on desire,

And hold my hand,

No longer just a friend,

And give this dazzled man

A happy end.

© 2014 Gavin Miller. All rights reserved.