The Little Frog

Once there was a little frog,
who hid beneath a rotting log.
A princess he had spied one day,
He smiled at her, she ran away.

He cried and cried, and loved her more,
and cursed the greenish skin he wore.
He longed to be a handsome man,
to win her heart and hold her hand.

But froggy eyes cried froggy tears,
and misted up his bright ideas.

The squirrels laughed to see him sad,
and foxes howled and called him mad.
"I am not mad, not even funny.
You'll see! I'll ask my old friend Bunny."

Bunny listened very grave,
his whiskers twitched, his tail swayed.
Bunny waited 'til the end,
and went to find his long lost friend.

"Froggy needs you, Toni dear,
to make him smile from ear to ear.
Kiss him please and do not wince.
Perhaps this frog might be a prince."

"Since you ask me," Toni said,
and bent down her angelic head.
She kissed the frog with ruby lips,
a kiss to launch a thousand ships.

But no great transformation came.
The frog ran off to hide his shame.
Bunny chased in hot pursuit.
"Don't be an ungrateful brute!"

"Toni kissed you when we met,
And tried to make your dreams come true.
Doesn't that make you feel proud,
and even somewhat thankful too?

"The princess was a heartless hag.
She wouldn't even look at you!
But Toni gave a royal thing,
unmatched by gold or diamond ring.

"She gave you love for who you are,
not how you look or what you wear.
You should be glad you're not alone,
and have two friends to call your own."

The frog stopped still, and held his ground.
His eyes went moist, he lost his frown.
"Oh Bunny, dear, what can I do,
to thank two such good friends as you?"

"Cast off your cares and let us dance,
and don't be sad you took a chance.
For greater than a kingdom won,
is Toni's kiss, so let's have fun."

The Frog and Bunny danced all day,
and all the tears were dried away.
And happy was the little frog,
who slept beneath the rotting log.


© 1991 Gavin Miller. All rights reserved.