Natural Phenomena

From "Natural Phenomena", Alias Research, Inc. SIGGRAPH '88. Here are the credits. This movie shows a variety of simulation and rendering effects including sky color simulation, interacting particle systems, continuous growth plant modeling and physically-based worm locomotion. Related papers.




My First Tree

(3.7 MBytes)



Eric the Dynamic Worm

(6.7 MBytes)

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Her Majesty's Secrent Serpent

The entire movie of "Her Majesty's Secret Serpent", Apple Computer, Inc. SIGGRAPH '89.

Her Majesty's Secret Serpent (30.2 MBytes)

The film features "Frank the Snake" as a secret agent dropped behind enemy lines to retrieve a lost satellite film canister. The snake was animated entirely using autonomous behavior driving a physical simulation. Related papers.


The Audition, Apple Computer, Inc. SIGGRAPH '90.

The Audition (84.5 MBytes)

Following an unfortunate accident at the circus, Eric the Dynamic Worm Jr. appears for an audition. This movie demonstrates further developments in combining behavior and physically-based worm motion. It also shows the results of early facial motion tracking applied to the circus proprietor. Related papers.


Splash Dance, Apple Computer, Inc. SIGGRAPH '90.

Splash Dance (38.4 MBytes)

This movie showcased an efficient, stable fluid dynamics model based on height fields. It also was an early example of caustic rendering for the underwater sequences. Related papers.


Flow, Apple Computer, Inc. SIGGRAPH '93.


Fountain (29.2 MBytes) 



Waterfall (3.8 MBytes)

© 1993, Apple Computer, Inc.

Extending the water simulation code used for Splash Dance, this movie showed the combination of the water mesh simulation model with particle systems. For the fountain sequence, the particles interacted with each other and were rendered using a form of iso-surface modeling. For the waterfall sequence, 600,000 particles were used. A form of self-shadowing volume rendering was used for rendering the spray.

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Rondeau, Interval Research Corporation 1998.


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