As with my short stories my plays reflect an interest in writing folk tales for adults and older children.

I have supplied the full text of these plays. If you are interested performing them, please contact me. I would love to see them performed again.

The play called The Princess in the Tower (1991) is set during the Crusades. It describes one knight's attempt to lay seige to an enchanted castle using charm rather than violence. The beautiful princess inside the castle proves more than his match and a battle of wits ensues. It is available in PDF format here: Princess.pdf.

The play called "Cinderella and Buttons" (1990) tells the real story of what happened to a poor working girl who had hopes of marrying well, despite being fond of her best friend - Buttons the clownish footman. Find out who the fairy-godmother really was, and see if you can resist falling for the handsome prince who loves more than anything else to write limericks about himself. It is available in PDF format here: Cinderella.pdf.

Both plays were produced by the Menlo Players Guild in 1991.

The Poisoned Cup (1986) (my first attempt at writing a play) is set in a mythical land, where Prince Rudolf is poisoned two weeks after his wedding to Queen Saralinda. This was produced as a lunchtime production at Cambridge and is probably best remembered for the poster that fell off the door and reduced everyone to giggles (it was not part of the script).

The following QuickTime clips are from the Menlo Player's Guild 1991 production of Cinderella and Buttons:


Celestial Advice (6.5 MBytes)


Ugly Jealousy (9.2 MBytes)


Prince Charming? (8.0 MBytes)

The Players

Cinderella: Persephonie Saucier
Buttons: David McCaleb
Prince Rudolf: Kevin Kennedy
Griselda: Peggy Burgi
Drusilla: Susan Swann

Directed by Dean Burgi

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