Short Stories

My short stories reflect an interest in writing fairy tales and folk tales for adults and older children. Recently, I have also started to write science fiction.

A book of my collected fairy tales was published in 2003.

Gregorin and the Three Witches (1984)

This is a fairy tale about a lonely dragon who meets three witches. They appear to be friendly but all is not as it seems. . .

The Princess in the Tower (1990)

This is an original work which I later transformed into a play. Set during the crusades, it describes one knight's attempt to lay seige to an enchanted castle using charm rather than violence. A battle of wits ensues.

Little Red Riding Hood (1995)

This short story is comic treatment of a familiar tale told with a certain sympathetic bias towards the wolf. This story is suitable for a comic animated short film.

The Fisherman's Daughter (1997-00)

This original fairy tale tells the story of a young woman who falls in love with a prince. To learn how to win his heart she becomes apprentice to a famous wizard, but the wizard has intentions of his own. To learn his secrets she must perform three tasks, each of which seems impossible. If she succeeds the wizard will tell her how to win the prince. If she fails, she must stay with the wizard in the castle. As she sets about her tasks, not everything unfolds as the wizard had imagined. This story could be made as an animated feature film in the Disney tradition or as a live action feature film with special effects.

The Cat at the End of the World (2011)

A work of science fiction. It features an elderly woman scientist with a secret past, and a most unusual cat, who makes a life-changing discovery in the basement. Here is a an image of a cat from the Louvre that makes me think of this story.

Nemesis (2013)

A work of science fiction. It features a orbitally locked planet inhabited by super-intelligent but warlike fish. The chief empiricist announces that the planet is under attack, but all is not as it seems. This is a parable about global warming.

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