Does a Spider? (1986)

A poem inspired by William Blake but with a twist.

Jam (1987)

Everything you could ever want to know about jam.

The Rape of the Creature from the Black Lagoon (1989)

A story of nearly mythical creatures destroyed by pollution.

The Little Frog (1991)

A playful children's story about a sad frog who was kissed by a princess, and then abandonned to his fate. Luckily his wise friend Bunny comes to the rescue.

Lullaby (1992)

A goodnight song that ponders on the mystery of a child's mind.

Mondrian (1993)

A critique of Piet Mondrian's rectangular paintings.

Jasmine and Alexandra (1995)

A poem in praise of my two cats who alternately love and pursue each other.


The Viper (1999)

Another Blake-inspired poem about the predatory behavior of a viper.


A Bridge (1999)

A poem for my wedding about building a lasting bond.

There's a Frampton in the House (2003)

A poem celebrating our large ginger cat.

Je Ne Vinaigrette Rien (2011)

A parody of a life lived hard, and perhaps too well.

The Death of Books (2012)

A melancholy meditation on seeing a set of encyclopedias turned into a coffee table.


A Rose (2014)

A beseeching love poem in the classical tradition. It is featured in the play version of "The Montagues and Capulets".


The Rose (2013)

A robust rejection of the love poem "A Rose", in classical language, but with a modern edge. It is featured in the play version of "The Montagues and Capulets".


A Child? (2013)

The quest to have a child, ending in a successful adoption.


The Lonely Room (2013)

A heart-felt reflection of the limits of rational thought in the face of personal tragedy.


Saint Cecilia in Boston (2013)

A wistful recollection of an unexpectedly bleak Christmas Eve in Boston, with my best friend, and how it ended happily in a great conversation.


The Cat is on my Mouse Pad (2013)

A humorous poem about my cat attacking my computer mouse in pursuit of food, and how it works every time.

The Montagues and Capulets (2014)

A playful retelling of the story of Romeo and Juliet, in which the families conspire to have the two marry each other, with disasterous consequences. This orignal poem was expanded into a full-length play, with a change of plot and additional layers of history, also called "The Montagues and Capulets"

Friary Park (2014)

A miniature naval battle is staged to prevent Friary Park Pond from being filled in by the local council.

Prologue for the Congress of Verona (2017)

This is an address to the imaginary Congress of Verona, in 1914, called to stave off the threat of war. It is taken from the play version of "The Montagues and Capulets".

The Selfie (2017)

An imagined incident involving a misguided selfie, and a lost phone.

The Sun is Gone Too Soon (2017)

Reflections triggered by a vivid sunset on a trip to Hawaii.

Cast My Ashes Wide and Far (2017)

A poem about mortality and its place in deep time.

Scarlett (2017)

A cheerful poem about one of the world's great chickens.

Today I Left My Phone At Home (2017)

A poem in praise of leaving your phone at home, and enjoying your own imagination.

The Time Of Change (2017)

A reflection on changing times.

The Athenaeum, Rhode Island (2019)

A reverie on libraries, the weight of history, and the empty chairs.

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