New Additions to

In 2000:

The following changes have been made to the website:

I added a page that points to my work at Interval Research Corporation.

Full versions of my two plays Cinderella and Buttons and The Princess in the Tower

I added a new short story called The Fisherman's Daughter.

In 2005:

The movies have all been upgraded to longer or higher resolution versions.

I added a new ornamentation page has been included that describes illustrations for my book of short stories.

In 2012:

I added a new short story called "The Cat at the End of the World", which is my first science fiction story on this website. A strange cat shows up at the door of the widow of a nuclear physicist.

I added a new satirical poem called "Je ne vinaigrette rien" about a bon viveur who throws caution to the wind.

I added higher resolution versions of the computer graphics images in the graphics research section.

I added a new page of my ornamental 3D prints.

In 2014:

I added nine new poems to the poetry page.

I added a short story called "Nemesis".

In 2017:

I added nine more poems to the poetry page.

I added a new play, called "The Montagues and Capulets" to the plays page.

I added a new drawing, called "Woman in a Hat" to my drawings page.